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    I would like to inform you about the 5th Sustainable Phosphorus Summit (SPS 2016), to take place in Kunming, China, 16th-20th August, 2016 (registration on 16th August, oral and poster sessions on 17th-19th August, and field trip on 20th August).

    Phosphorus is an essential element for the physiological activities of all living organisms. Phosphorus sustainability attracts worldwide concerns. The focus of this Summit is thus on fundamental research, societal concerns and application areas in the following five domains:

    (1) P Resource and Biogeochemical Cycling: Global P resources, P biogeochemistry and cycling, potential approaches of improving the efficiency of P mining and fertilizer production, P and sustainable food system;

    (2) Sustainable P Use in Agriculture: Mechanisms and approaches of efficient use of P by plants and animals, Strategies and management for improving the efficiency of phosphorus utilization in agricultural production, livestock and poultry industry;

    (3) P Recovery and Reuse: Innovative approaches of soil legacy P mobilization and reuse, recovery technologies of P in waste (manure, sewage sludge, food waste and so on) and water bodies, efficiency of phosphorus recovery and reuse.

    (4) Holistic P Flow and Efficiency: Analysis and evaluation of phosphorus flows and efficiency in natural and social systems (phosphorus flows and efficiency, production and value chain, household consumption and beyond);

    (5) Environment Sustainability and Management Strategies: Environmental problems caused by phosphorus accumulation in soils and water bodies, and the measures to deal with them, Governance issues and solutions, and the policy and actions to reduce phosphorus vulnerability.

    SPS 2016 will define the global phosphorus research priority agenda, integrating phosphorus-related issues across scales, geographical regions and scientific domains. To do so, this Summit will bring together scientists, policy makers and other stakeholders from all over the world, to strengthen exchanges of views across discipline boundaries and societal domains. Phosphorus sustainability is a big concern in China too, so we will have a China-dedicated session to discuss the sustainable phosphorus management along its whole cycle and value chain in China, including phosphate mining, phosphorus fertilizer production and use in agriculture, phosphorus loss and environmental pollution, and phosphorus flow in the food system.

    I believe that this forthcoming Sustainable Phosphorus Summit will make a great contribution on global phosphorus sustainability issues. The Summit will also provide an unique opportunity for high-level dialogue and communicating/publishing to the government and the public. It is my pleasure to invite you to attend the Summit. More information will be delivered soon. Please confirm your interest for SPS 2016, so that we can deliver updated information to you.


    Yours sincerely,

      Fusuo Zhang

    On behalf of Organizing Committee
    China Agricultural University, Beijing, China
    Phone: 008610 62732499
    Fax: 008610 62731016
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