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    James Elser

    Professor of Ecologist
    Arizona State University,US
    Contact:  j.elser@asu.ed

    I am a Professor in the School of Life Sciences Arizona State University and Bierman Professor of Ecology and Director of the Flathead Lake Biological Station (University of Montana).  A biogeochemist and limnologist, I developand test the theory of biological stoichiometry the study of the balance of energy and multiple chemical elements in living systems. I and my international team of collaborators seek to understand how the coupling of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus shapes the ecology and evolution of living things. I also follow the cycling of phosphorus in the food system and played a major role in establishing ASUs Sustainable Phosphorus Initiative and am now the lead investigator for an NSF Research Coordination Network on Phosphorus Sustainability and for the North American Partnership for Phosphorus Sustainability (NAPPS). Through these efforts, I seek to help create a sustainable food system by closing the human P cycle. 

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